N Turner Games

I make games. In 2017 I left the world of full-time employment in the games industry to go it alone as a solo indie game developer.

Commercial Games Coming in 2018

64 Pixels Later

Outrun and dodge your way through hordes of undead as you try to get through the city in this ultra-low resolution score-chaser.

  • The successor to 31 Pixels Later
  • Completely new city to explore
  • Seed-based maps you can share with friends
  • Online high-score system
  • Windows and OSX
  • Coming soon to Steam

Free & Pay-What-You-Want Games

Below you will find the games I have published on a pay-what-you-want or totally-free basis.

31 Pixels Later

Evade zombies as you try to get through an infinite city, in this ultra-low resolution score-chaser.

  • Originally made for
    LowRezJam 2014
  • New features added in 2017
  • A Game by N Turner and
    S Rowland
  • Windows and OSX


A small game about being a Space-Eel going on a murderous rampage past waves of spaceships and asteroids.

  • Made in 48 hours for
    Ludum Dare 34
  • All assets my own
  • HTML5 and Windows
  • Source code shared

Escape the AI Lab

A local multiplayer-only in which one player adopts the role of a murderous computer, who must deploy various traps against the other players attempting to flee the labs.

  • Made in 48 hours
  • Game Dev League
    September Jam
  • Made in a team of 5
  • Windows only

Freight Wars

Take on the role of a Victorian industrialist as you connect towns and cities in this print-out-and-play board game for 2 to 3 players.

  • Made for ProcJam 2016
  • A Game by N Turner and
    S Rowland
  • Procedurally generate a
    physical game to print out
  • No two sets are the same
  • Windows only

Game Development Tools

Tools I've created for myself, then released to the world so that others may use them.


A tool to convert MagicaVoxel models to a series of horizontal cross-section images for use in various game engines.

  • Easily convert MagicaVoxel models to PNG slices
  • Glass material outputs semi-transparent pixels
  • Optionally add noise during conversion
  • Pay what you want
  • Windows (OSX coming soon)

Contact Info

Twitter: @NTurnerGames

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